Services Included with Commercial Office Cleaning & Janitorial

Below are some of the services included in our office and commercial cleaning offer. Please note that services performed differ from office to office. If you have specific office cleaning needs, please let our technicians know when you set up your cleaning appointment.

Our areas of focus include:

  • Office doors, handles and frame
  • Windows
  • Dust common office areas
  • Floors & carpets
  • Empty/remove trash liners, replace with clean liners and remove trash to the designated area
  • Dust light fixtures
  • Dust baseboards
  • Wipe window sills and switch plates

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Why Are Office Cleanings Different?

Unlike residential cleaning, commercial office cleaning and janitorial services use a different array of cleaning procedures, green cleaners, and equipment for an efficient cleaning process across all the different industries and environments.

Many of the tools that we use in office cleaning services are not used in typical residential cleaning.

Additionally, office cleaning has to meet specific safety standards to keep our office and commercial clients within health standards and avoid risking the well-being of those who work there.

Residential or domestic cleaning services have no outright set standards and can set their standards provided they have the health and safety of their clients as a priority.

Finally, commercial cleaning service tasks happen primarily during off-peak hours or the weekend when the building or office is largely unoccupied.

Our office cleaning and janitorial services are a perfect combination for the following types of businesses:

  • Small or medium-sized business offices
  • Commercial offices
  • Regular offices
  • Medical or doctor offices
  • Co-working spaces and shared working environments
  • School and administrative offices
  • Public government offices
  • Data centers

Office Computer Equipment Cleaning

We specialize in cleaning IT equipment with high attention to detail, including:

  • Laptops, including docking stations
  • Keyboards, including removing dirt and dust in between the keys
  • Mice, wiping with alcohol pad to truly disinfect hard to reach areas
  • Computer monitors, including utilizing specially designed wipes for electronics
  • Copiers/scanners/plotters

Why is cleaning a keyboard so important?

The average keyboard was shown to have five times as many bacteria as a toilet seat, and it was 150 times over the acceptable bacteria limit. Keyboards that are used by dirty people can have as much as 60 times the germs that are found on a toilet. That means that your keyboard is about as dirty as a gas station bathroom — a very, very dirty device indeed!


Office Cleaning Services Keep Employees Safe

With COVID-19 concerns, many employers had to take on the additional risk and responsibility of ensuring that they’re preventing the spread of disease. Along with PPE and social distancing, additional prevention efforts should include professional cleaning and sanitization of your office environment.

The truth is that offices are high-use areas often times with a lot of different individuals sharing a public space. During pandemic concerns, this can not only make your employees feel unsafe, it can cause harm to them and their families.

Hot spot areas like doors, countertops, office supplies, and restrooms all need specific attention to ensure that they are properly sanitized and safe to use for your employees. Regular janitorial and office cleanings should be a must-have for any office space currently allowing employees.

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