Leave the House Cleaning to Us & Live Life

Woodland Maid Service is more than just a house cleaning company. We are are a business dedicated to giving you the time to enjoy the things you love.

We focus on restoring balance to your life by taking care of your home.

Life flies by in the blink of an eye, so it’s crucial to stop and enjoy it. With Woodland Maid Service, you can do that.

Our home cleaning services cover every inch of your space. We can freshen up your bathroom, rejuvenate your kitchen, and invigorate your bedroom to ensure you have the beautifully clean home you deserve.

Our cleaning technicians get deep into the crevices and corners to rid your space of any dust, mold, and germs delivering a home that is healthy and immaculate.

We Strive to Deliver More Because You Expect More

We strive for simplicity in our process, and this ensures that each cleaning can focus on providing excellent service. Simplicity does not mean that we’re not thorough, it means we clean everything the same way every time.

This simple approach ensures that we can train our cleaning technicians well and hold them accountable effectively.

At Woodlands Maid Service, we take the time to listen and understand your needs. When you request a free estimate, one of our expert representatives will work with you to ensure we know what you like and don’t like.

If you ever have any concerns or need to make changes, our friendly office staff will notate your running order request.

Our specific maid services include:

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, three-weekly, and monthly cleanings
  • Individual room cleanings
  • Pre- and Post-Holiday cleanups
  • Standard maid services
  • Move-in and move-out cleaning services
  • Other specialty cleanings, e.g., make-ready cleanings

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